The Price of Duty

The Price of Duty

| 47 min

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A tribute to Canadian peacekeeper Mark Isfeld, or "Issy" as he was known to his fellow soldiers. In the first 3 years of UN peacekeeping activity in former Yugoslavia, 10 Canadian soldiers died. Many others were seriously injured, a number of whom were "engineers" – soldiers assigned the dangerous task of clearing land mines to create a safer environment for the local people. As we see in dramatic close-up, this is a painstaking job requiring great personal risk, nerves of steel and unwavering trust among soldiers. It's a job that cost Canadian peacekeeper Mark Isfeld his life.

This film is part of the 3-part Protection Force Series about Canadian peacekeeping in the former Yugoslavia.

Ce film peut contenir des scènes de violence, de nudité ou traiter d'un sujet sensible. Pour public averti.

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  • réalisateur
    Garth Pritchard
  • producteur
    Jerry Krepakevich
    Graydon McCrea
  • producteur exécutif
    Graydon McCrea
  • scénario
    Gwynne Dyer
  • narrateur
    Gwynne Dyer
  • caméra
    Rick Gustavsen
    Garth Pritchard
  • son
    Rick Gustavsen
    Garth Pritchard
  • montage
    Ray Harper
  • montage sonore
    Brian Campbell
  • mixage son
    Kelly Cole
  • musique
    Jan Randall

  • Escapetosaltspring

    Issy is a hero in my book. I worked with Greg. Great soldier.

    Escapetosaltspring, 10 Fév 2011
  • Jeffy

    Not the place or time to discuss that. I'm done.

    Jeffy, 11 Nov 2010
  • Ronaldmac

    Jeffy, these people would have gladly watched you drive into harms way and laughed about it afterwards. Why be martyrs for such people? The lest we forget propaganda is tx'd on Isfeld and he isn't even mentioned anymore. Still do it again? for whom? and why?

    Ronaldmac, 10 Nov 2010
  • Jeffy

    As one, yes, every single one of us feel his life was worth it. Every single one of us was willing. Every single one of us knew what was at stake. Every single one of us would do it again, in a heartbeat. There was no pressure to hold to a schedule. Ever. We always went at the speed we deemed appropriate.

    Jeffy, 10 Nov 2010
  • Ronaldmac

    Very sad. The whole concept of sacrificing Canadian soldiers on the UN alter always annoyed me . I hope the people in this video still feel Isfeld's life was worth it some 16 yrs later. If not then why didn't you slow down and realize you were on an arbitrary scedule?

    Ronaldmac, 8 Oct 2010