Oma's Quilt

Oma's Quilt

                                Oma's Quilt
| 12 min

This animated short tells the story of Oma, who is moving from her house on Maple Street where she lived most of her life to a senior's residence where she doesn't know anyone. Her granddaughter Emily, a young girl full of wide-eyed enthusiasm, senses that her grandmother isn't sure she will like her new home. Wishing to help, she comes up with an idea to ease the burden of this momentous change.

Part of the Talespinners collection, which uses vibrant animation to bring popular children’s stories from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen.

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  • voix
    Linda Sorensen
    Colleen Machnikowski
    Michael Dobson
    Keegan Connor Tracy
  • *
    Donna Powell
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Mark Hensley
    Don Mann
  • *
    Don White
  • consultant au récit
    Tai Keattivanichvily
  • recherchiste
    Elizabeth Klinck
  • réalisateur
    Izabela Bzymek
  • writer
    Izabela Bzymek
  • producteur
    Svend-Erik Eriksen
  • animation
    Michael Linton
    Izabela Bzymek
  • monteur
    Ileana Pietrobruno
  • musique
    Robyn Traill
  • conception sonore
    Gael MacLean
  • supervision du son
    Gael MacLean
  • *
    Izabela Bzymek
  • design des personnages
    Michael Linton
    Izabela Bzymek
  • producteur exécutif
    Rina Fraticelli