Making Movie History: Marcel Carrière

Making Movie History: Marcel Carrière

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Marcel Carrière is to sound what Michel Brault is to image. Between 1958 and 1964, art and technology were interacting in exciting new ways at the NFB, and young filmmakers like Carrière embraced the creative possibilities with energy and imagination, transforming the language of cinema. With a determined sense of invention, Carrière refined the art of sound recording, liberating soundmen from bulky and unwieldy technology. He collaborated on many of French Program's early Direct Cinema films, beginning with Les raquetteurs (1958) through the masterful Pour la suite du monde (1963). He went on to direct his own films, working in both documentary and fiction, and infusing every project with charateristic humour and good will.

This interview is part of Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts.

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Making Movie History: Marcel Carrière, Denys Desjardins, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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