John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields

John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields

| 46 min

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This feature documentary profiles poet John McCrae, from his childhood in Ontario to his years in medicine at McGill University and the WWI battlefields of Belgium, where he cared for wounded soldiers. Generations of schoolchildren have recited McCrae’s iconic poem “In Flanders Fields,” but McCrae and Alexis Helmer—the young man whose death inspired the poem—have faded from memory. This film seeks to revive their stories through a vivid portrait of a great man in Canadian history.

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John McCrae's War: In Flanders Fields, Robert Duncan, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Robert Duncan
  • scénario
    Robert Duncan
  • producteur
    Jonathan Desbarats
    Barbara Shearer
    Selwyn Jacob
  • producteur exécutif
    Robert Duncan
    Graydon McCrea
  • caméra
    Keith Taylor
    Peter Walker
    Bill Casey
    Fred MacDonald
  • son
    Bob McKenzie
    Ao Loo
    François Proulx
  • montage
    Janice Brown
  • montage sonore
    Marc Benoit
  • voix
    Paul Nash
    Rae Hull
  • narrateur
    Jay Brazeau
  • musique
    John Sereda

  • lguenthe

    Thank you. My maternal grandfather, Alexander Herbert Fidler, served and survived the war...I do not know the details, but is remembered here Stunning, poignant film about an important moment in Canadian history...Lest We Forget.

    lguenthe, 2 Nov 2021
  • mikecan001

    My Grandfather, Gerry Brimble survived The Second Battle of Ypres. At age 17 he was gassed and sent home to Kenora, Ontario. Gerry later died of lung cancer. He knew me although I do not remember him as a boy. I remember and Honor him. My mother told me of him urinating on his underwear and breathing through it to neutralize the chlorine gas. This is all I know.

    mikecan001, 12 Aoû 2014