I Don't Have to Work that Big

I Don't Have to Work that Big

| 27 min
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This short documentary focuses on prairie sculptor Joe Fafard. If there's one thing Joe knows, it's cows. He knows the way they tuck in their forelegs to lie down to ruminate and the way a calf romps in the barnyard. He also knows his friends and neighbours in the farming community of Pense, Saskatchewan—and he sculpts them all in clay, as eloquent and quirky miniatures. Joe's work has been exhibited throughout Canada as well as in Paris and New York, and this film offers a glimpse into his process, his aesthetic, and the charming prairie community in which he lives.

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  • réalisateur
    Michael McKennirey
  • montage
    Michael McKennirey
  • producteur
    John N. Smith
  • photographie
    Barry Perles
  • son
    Jacques Drouin
    Jacques Rousseau
  • montage sonore
    André Galbrand
    Karl Duplessis
  • ré-enregistrement
    Michel Descombes
  • musique
    Glen Charles Koudelka

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