The Ernie Game

The Ernie Game

                                The Ernie Game
| 1 h 28 min

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This fictional feature follows a twenty-something man who is struggling to define his position in the world in early adulthood. He has left their parents' home but still has not made an home of his own. Our protagonist’s alienation is palpable; for him life is a game, not because he chooses to make it so, but because he is unable to make anything more of it. But for those who befriend him and eventually turn him loose again, his game is not enough. Filmed in Montreal, this classic by Don Owen (Nobody Waved Good-bye) explores the time-worn rite of passage of finding oneself in a world not built for rakish playfulness.

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The Ernie Game, Don Owen, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Don Owen
  • None
    Don Owen
  • producteur
    Gordon Burwash
  • producteur exécutif
    Robert Allen
  • caméra
    Jean-Claude Labrecque
    Martin Duckworth
  • son
    Roger Hart
  • montage
    Roy Ayton
  • montage sonore
    Victor Merrill
  • montage musique
    Malca Gillson
  • ré-enregistrement
    Roger Lamoureux
    Michel Descombes
  • musique
    The Kensington Market
    Leonard Cohen
  • interprète
    Jackie Burroughs
    Anna Cameron
    Leonard Cohen
    Corinne Copnick
    Roland d' Amour
    Judith Gault
    Alexis Kanner
    Derek May
    Louis Negin

  • motion112233

    Please add english subtitles for hearing impaired!

    motion112233, 19 Avr 2017