Data for Decision

Data for Decision

| 22 min

This short documentary is a portrait of the early era of computing and the process and implications of the digitization of large amounts of information. Examining the arduous work of assessing and documenting the geographical landscape, including sampling and analysis of soil, forestry, timber, wildlife, resources, industrial sites, and many other aspects, we see that human beings alone couldn't handle the vast amount of information that is collected. A new kind of computer (an “instant library”), the Canada Land Inventory Geo-information System, was developed to help manage and develop Canadian land. This film examines the workings of this new and mysterious machine.

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  • réalisateur
    David Millar
  • producteur
    Sidney Goldsmith
  • photographie
    Martin Duckworth
    Jacques Fogel
  • caméra d'animation
    Kjeld Nielsen
  • montage
    Arthur Lipsett
  • montage sonore
    Sidney Pearson
  • ré-enregistrement
    George Croll
  • animation
    Donald Stearn
  • narrateur
    Richard Gilbert