Bryan Adams: Bare Bones

Bryan Adams is one of world’s most enduringly popular singer/songwriters. He is most at home in his Vancouver studio, surrounded by his collection of vintage microphones and guitars. Adams calls it “a very analog space in a very digital world.” In this short documentary, we witness an intimate rendition of his song “One World, One Flame” and hear him speak of his audience-centred approach to performance: “I want it to be fun, I want it to be real.”

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  • kaldragait

    «After so many years...I listen to your voice and it brings back so many genuine've become a legend in your own time. » — kaldragait, 2 Fév 2012

  • Emmsy

    «Hi bryan adams I have seen Acoustic » — Emmsy, 21 Nov 2010

  • MarlieseB

    «Bryan Adams is a worldwide enduringly great musician, singer and songwriter. I am very happy and proud to be his true fan for three decades. Thank you very much for this nice documentary.» — MarlieseB, 2 Mai 2010

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Générique du film

David Battistella
David Battistella
Gerry Flahive
directeur de la photographie
David Battistella
David Battistella
Igal Petel
Bryan Gallant
Adam Greenholtz
montage sonore
Grant Edmonds
mixeur du repiquage
Grant Edmonds
Sylvia Mezei

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