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Tré Armstrong on dance, music and passion

Tré Armstrong on dance, music and passion

When asked about my playlist theme, I thought immediately about passion. What drives people? More importantly, why? What is it about our emotions that allow us to do the most daring things and take risks normally ignored?

It's fascinating to watch a young boy and girl playing in the park, enjoying the mutual company. The two are ignorant to barriers of colour, language, intellect because all that matters is catching the red ball they are focused on bouncing back and forth. Yet, while the two play, turn your head the other way and witness an adult male and female having a lover's quarrel. Not so ignorant anymore and speaking the same language, they are still passionately involved (even though they're yelling obscenities in public at each other).

Okay, so what's the point? The point? Passion is the driving force for many things in life. It is food for the soul. When you eat a piece of passion pie, your energy soars and you feel like you can achieve anything! It's such a great feeling, but when the feeling is lost, it's like the body crashes after a sugar rush. Lethargic, uninterested, undriven.

With the young boy and girl above, it was all about the ball. With the older couple, you really never know… when love is involved. What I feel I do know is that without passions, life would be a lot duller.

My passion for dance, choreography and acting led me to film and television. When I quit dance at 17, I thought that was the creative end of me forever. Until my candle was relit with a fiery drive, a passion to help others learn to dance in university…

All five films in my playlist display the intense passion and vision of the directors, creators and players. From birth to music to dance to death and in between, they explore moving life in unique, captivating ways. Hope you enjoy the selections. I sure did!



Tré Armstrong

  • Flamenco at 5:15
    1983|29 min

    I just LOVE Susana, the female instructor. Such energy when she teaches. I feel like a gypsy just watching her. Even Antonio, the male teacher, has caught my attention and I started to clap to the flamenco beat. Not so easy! Yet it's mesmerizing once you get into it. What Susana and Antonio do is magical. These types of teachers go beyond just teaching dance moves - they passionately teach you about life and a bit of what it has to offer. Why shouldn't learning be fun?

  • Pas de deux
    1968|13 min

    This was done before I was even born, and yet I still find the visual effects captivating. Definitely before its time when it was produced and directed. I love the part near the end where the male dancer is spinning the ballerina by one leg and it looks like she is an open umbrella twirling round and round. How clever! Some great moments in movement, imagery and visual effects. I find the marriage between the dancer, movement and the camera hypnotizing… To make this type of film requires patient passion because this is dance made for the camera lens, not for stage, and that is choreography on another level!

  • Flutter
    2006|6 min

    This animated short caught my eye as it was a female who was "tagging" or drawing graffiti on the walls. When done correctly and with the right intentions, graffiti art can be a beautiful moment caught on a piece of life's canvas. Yes, it's risky to travel into the city alone or create works of art publicly. That's what life is all about. You can't deny passion when it calls you...

  • RiP! A Remix Manifesto
    2008|1 h 26 min

    So this would have to be my favourite flick of them all. I love the use of the word mash-up. It applies to so many aspects of life in general--interracial relationships, dance hybrids like Bollywood (bhungra & urban dance together), chicken and waffles. At any rate, dance is all about taking different worlds, combining them and enjoying the explosion from that partnership. I hope I get the opportunity to watch Girl Talk live one day. He creates stimulating sounds, perfect for a dancer or any artist's palette. He's got an irresistible drive and his passion gives him this attractive energy that other people want to be around. He knows how to rock a party! And as for copyright? I would have to say I'm copyleft...