Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

| 43 min

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This documentary looks at the risks of a proposed sour gas well near Clearwater River, in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Farmers and landowners all share concerns. Residents opposed to the well fear a deadly hydrogen sulphide leak. Shell Canada says it must drill to meet energy needs. When mediation talks break down, both sides anxiously await a ruling from Alberta's Energy and Utilities Board.

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Worst Case Scenario, Glynis Whiting, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • participant
    Martha Kostuch
    Brian Bietz
    Rudy Zimmer
    Shawn Denstedt
  • réalisateur
    Glynis Whiting
  • narration - écriture
    Glynis Whiting
  • narration
    David Suzuki
  • monteur
    Tim Reed
  • directeur de la photographie
    Ray Fitzwalter
  • caméra additionnelle
    Trevor Wilson
    Sidney Bailey
  • prise de son
    Jamie Kidd
    Ron Osiowy
    Gary Bruckner
    Stan Jackson
    Clifford Cockrall
  • compositeur de la musique
    Jan Randall
  • musicien
    Jan Randall
    Colin Ryan
    Cliff Minchau
  • montage son
    Downy Karvonen
  • mixage son
    Kelly Cole
    Miguel Nunes
  • None
    Post-Digital Works Ltd.
    Bill Locke
    Ginette D'Silva
  • assistant de production
    Claudette Breton
    Rosemary Karges
    Christa Nebloch
  • recherchiste
    Bill Locke
  • superviseur de production
    Kelly Isaac
  • administrateur de programme
    Margaret Smith
  • producteur associé
    Bonnie Thompson
  • producteur exécutif
    Graydon McCrea
    Michael Allder
  • producteur
    Jerry Krepakevich

  • merlinsdreams

    A fascinating documentary. All credit to the population who opposed the well and their dignified manner in doing so. I would dearly love to know if Shell re-applied and if so what measures the residents were able to take for their safety and way of life. It was heart warming to see this victory for the people who stated their case so passionately - an example of 'Community' in the real sense of the word.

    merlinsdreams, 28 Aoû 2014
  • Alejandrost

    nice film

    Alejandrost, 8 Jan 2012
  • Alejandrost

    nice film

    Alejandrost, 8 Jan 2012