World In a City

World In a City

| 13 min

World in a City is a portrait of Toronto and the steps Torontonians are taking to create a society that welcomes and encourages new immigrants to flourish. Join photographer Colin Boyd Shafer as he celebrates diversity in this short film, Canada’s contribution to the Big Cities project, an exciting international collaboration that uses documentary storytelling to outline both the challenges facing growing urban areas and the bold solutions to these ongoing problems. To view more of the films, visit LinkTV (here).

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World In a City, Brett Story, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • écriture
    Brett Story
  • réalisateur
    Brett Story
  • producteur
    David Oppenheim
  • monteur
    Omar Majeed
  • directeur de la photographie
    Christopher Romeike
    Maya Bankovic
  • participant
    Debbie Douglas
    Emile Kwandibens
    Deena Ladd
    Beixi Liu
    Erick Portillo
    Colin Boyd Shafer
    Myer Siemiatycki
    Maria Wong
  • gérant de production
    Jennifer Bertling
  • coordonnateur technique
    Marcus Matyas
  • assistant à la prise de vues
    Chris Goll
  • preneur de son
    Ian Reynolds
    Sanjay Mehta
  • régisseur
    Niko D'Souza
  • assistant de production
    Chris Niesing
    Lindsay Zanatta
  • recherche visuelle
    Elizabeth Hysen
  • monteur en ligne
    Andrew Mandziuk
  • None
    The Fearless Film & Video Corporation
  • supervision de la conception sonore
    Grant Edmonds
  • superviseur de production
    Mark Wilson
  • administrateur de studio
    Stefanie Brantner
  • producteur exécutif
    Anita Lee

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    What a fantastic little film. It really highlights a dynamic that makes Toronto (and Canada from a broader view) a special place. We need more films like this.

    None, 11 Mai 2021