Wapos Bay: Long Goodbyes

Wapos Bay: Long Goodbyes

                                Wapos Bay: Long Goodbyes
| 1 h 12 min
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In this feature animation film, Talon and Raven learn that their dad, Alphonse, has taken a job in the big city and their family will have to move away from Wapos Bay, their Cree community in Northern Saskatchewan. This news takes Talon on a journey of self-discovery as he sets off to accomplish his bucket list of things he wanted to do with his friends before they leave. Raven, on the other hand, decides to take matters into her own hands with the clear goal of keeping the family in Wapos Bay. With their whole world being turned upside down, Talon and Raven must join forces to keep the family together before it’s too late.

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  • réalisateur
    Dennis Jackson
  • *
    Dennis Jackson
    Melanie Jackson
  • producteur
    Dennis Jackson
    Melanie Jackson
    Anand Ramayya
    Michael Fukushima
  • directeur de la photographie
    Peter Christensen
  • monteur
    Jennifer Prokop
  • compositeur de la musique
    Ross Nykiforuk
  • interprète
    Taylor Cook
    Eric Jackson
    Raven Brass
    DerRic Starlight
    Gordon Tootoosis
    Lorne Cardinal
    Andrea Menard
    Joseph Naytowhow
    Trevor Cameron
    Delvin Kanewiyakiho
    Diana Gossner
    Jody Peters
    Melanie Jackson
    Mervin Brass
    Tyrone Tootoosis
    Angus Vincent
    Danny Grummett
    Dennis Jackson
    Ross Nykiforuk
  • *
    Seamus O'Regan
    Beverly Thomson
    Jeff Hutcheson
    Marci Ien
  • chef scénariste
    Trevor Cameron
  • supervision de l'animation
    Cam Lizotte
  • animateur principal
    Chris Cherepacha
  • *
    Gilbert Baldhead
    Stacy Kulyk
    Devon Loiselle
    Shane Molloy
    Bentley Poochay
    Joel Vanderzwan
    Diana Savage
    Allison Brandt Malinski
    Allison Brandt Malinski
  • graphiques
    Nathen Wahl
  • *
    Randy Woods
  • équipe de production
    Pierre Ferlatte
    Susan Gourley
    Gisèle Guilbault
    Steve Hallé
    Elaine Largie

  • thebonnet

    I love the Wapos Bay series. It is a lovely way of teaching people lessons in life. I recommend this splendid series of films to anyone.

    thebonnet, 12 Fév 2016