Voice Job

This short documentary profiles a different tool for getting work. In an immigration-rich society, the agency Voice Job offers an alternative to the traditional job search. This film was made as part of the Work For All project 2006, an NFB and HRSDC-Labour initiative to combat racism in the workplace.

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  • Jessika

    «Many immigrants have a hard time getting a job, but in my opinion they can't really play the "race card". When you come to another country, you have to assume it will not be simple to find employement. You will have to adaptt to the culture and its going to take time. I believe your name plays a vital part in whether a company hires you or not, but that's something that's really not your fault.. At the end of the day, all you can really do is put your best forward and know that the right company will notice your potential and give you a job. » — Jessika, 14 Fév 2011

  • Stephen--Roy

    «I think this video made a really valid point that a person's named can cause a person to assume that they speak only a foreign language. I think in fact a person's name might have a larger impact on them finding employment rather than their nationality. If a foreign individual has a local accent, and a common local name, I think it's more likely for an employer to relate to them in a sense. I think the video's are a great idea to force employers to get to know their applicants personally, rather than to judge them by a name on a piece of paper. » — Stephen--Roy, 14 Fév 2011

  • JasonST

    «I think the idea of these CV videos is good for immigrants. Personally it is not something i would do but i find its good for so that the people who are hiring can see what the person is like and if they would actually be able to comunicate with them.» — JasonST, 14 Fév 2011

  • Gabe

    «Wow, I think this is an excellent idea. People tend to pay more attention to vlogs rather than blogs. In other words, video applications will more likely receive more attention than written ones. Also, in the case of an immigrant, it allows the employer to see if he can communicate with the person. Excellent idea.» — Gabe, 14 Fév 2011

  • Brandon

    «I think this is a good idea. It is a great way to help people to get jobs. I think people need to give everyone a chance no matter what their background is. » — Brandon, 14 Fév 2011

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Générique du film

Hakim Chikh
Manoushka Brezault
Edoh Dasilveira
Roch Memba
Jasper Edward Schwartz
Dominique Fournier
Sanja Milic
Mila Aung-Thwin
Mila Aung-Thwin
directeur de la photographie
Terryll Loffler
Alec Mathewson
Nigel Newlove
Kyle Stanfield
Prem Sooriyakumar
montage son
Prem Sooriyakumar
compositeur de la musique
Trevor Anderson
Patricia Kearns

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