Two Countries, One Street

Two Countries, One Street

| 28 min

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This short documentary visits the 3 Quebec border towns of Rock Island, Stanstead and Beebe, and the Vermont town of Derby Line to see how residents and officials cope with a civic life that is cut down the middle by an international boundary.

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Two Countries, One Street, Jean Palardy, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Jean Palardy
  • producteur
    Robert Anderson
  • narrateur
    Robert Anderson
  • photographie
    Jean Roy
  • son
    Julien Coutellier
  • montage
    David Mayerovitch
    Marion Meadows

  • TrishA

    Loved the car chase at the end!

    TrishA, 22 Jan 2011
  • uwasawaya

    "Two Counties..." As the guest of a friend who grew up in the area, grandson of one of Canada's more prominent and honourable men, I learned where to find the best poutine and chicken salad in town. How I wish we could have such an open border, mutually respectful and supportive environment still today, and not just in one such unique region but along the entire 45th parallel. Won't and can't happen for so many reasons (I mistyped that originally as 'mean' reasons...perhaps should have left it). This film is an absolute treasure and this website is the ideal vehicle for showcasing and preserving this artistic window into the history of the area and of a lifestyle that, sadly, many will never experience in any other manner but viewing this film.

    uwasawaya, 12 Jan 2011
  • Annie

    Thank you to all involved in the creation of this documentary. I knew and recognized many of the people in it, Charity the tiny sister pictured was a friend of my Mothers. She babysat me at a child. The Immigration head is my Grandfather and he died before I was born, this is the first time I've ever heard his voice. Thank you so much for that.

    Annie, 1 Jan 2011
  • chbroker

    This is simply amazing to me...too funny and yet so unfortunate that we can't see things in the same way, today. I like the attitudes expressed by both sides of the border and the Canadian/US Customs (at the time) is something you will not see again, so enjoy!! I laughed and yet found this bittersweet. I would like to see a "follow up" in 2010 or you think "either" side would ever allow it?

    chbroker, 12 Déc 2010

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