Twixt Heaven and Earth

Twixt Heaven and Earth

| 48 min

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This documentary follows Dr. Stuart Houston, an expert on the Swainson Hawk. Living on the prairies during the summer, this bird flies 11,000 km to Argentina for the winter. These majestic birds are facing a serious threat: toxic pesticides. Houston and his team use satellite technology along with traditional bird-banding to greatly increase our knowledge of the lives of migratory birds.

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  • réalisateur
    Donna Caruso
  • producteur
    Joe MacDonald
    Donna Caruso
  • scénario
    Donna Caruso
  • caméra
    George Hupka
    Robert J. Long
    Frank Halbert
  • son
    Scott Walde
  • montage
    Chris Bailey
  • narrateur
    Stuart Houston
  • consultant
    Stuart Houston
  • musique
    Craig Salkeld