Sunday (Making of)

Sunday (Making of)

                                    Sunday (Making of)
| 3 min

This Oscar®-nominated animated short is a magical tale about life as seen through the eyes of a child. In keeping with their Sunday tradition, after mass a family flocks to grandma and grandpa’s house, where the chaotic discussion soon begins to resemble a raucous gathering of crows on power lines. The local factory has shut its doors and, naturally, the adults can’t stop fretting about their money woes. On this particular grey Sunday, a young boy drops a coin on some nearby train tracks out of sheer boredom. Picking the coin up after a train has run over it, he discovers to his astonishment that an amazing transformation has taken place.

Honourable Mention for Best Canadian Animation 2011

Albert Ohayon
De la sélection : Ottawa International Animation Festival Award Winners

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  • scénario
    Patrick Doyon
  • animation
    Patrick Doyon
  • réalisation
    Patrick Doyon
  • montage
    Jelena Popovic
  • musique
    Luigi Allemano
  • conception sonore
    Luigi Allemano
  • *
    Karla Baumgardner
  • voix d'ambiance
    Chantal Baril
    Natalie Hamel Roy
    Jacques Lavallée
    François Sasseville
    Nicolas Scott
  • enregistrement
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Luc Léger
  • ré-enregistrement
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • spécialiste en imagerie numérique
    Susan Gourley
    Pierre Plouffe
    Randall Finnerty
  • conseiller spécial
    Jean-Philippe Fauteux
  • producteur exécutif
    René Chénier
    David Verrall
  • producteur
    Marc Bertrand
    Michael Fukushima

  • dafydd

    This film is both compelling and insightful; and it deserves repeated viewings. Nice work. Thank you!

    dafydd, 15 Jan 2012