Pukaskwa National Park

This short documentary by Bill Mason explores Pukaskwa National Park on Lake Superior, providing a background of the park's geological past and plant life. The film also shows scenes of hiking, canoeing and camping. The result is to put us back in touch with the natural elements that our ancestors both fought and enjoyed.


Bill Mason
Bill Mason
Bill Mason
Bill Mason
Margaret Pettigrew
producteur exécutif
Kathleen Shannon
montage sonore
Jackie Newell
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Adrian Croll
Larry Crosley


  • MCC

    «A really nice film with lots of red canoe and water content. Loved it!» — MCC, 2 Aoû 2015

  • northwater

    «Yes, and Paddle to the Sea! BM carved several of the red canoes from the famous book in order to make that Canadian Classic--one was sent over Niagara Falls with a camera attached. He also made a film version of Cry of the Wild, keeping wolves in his "backyard" on Meech Lake to get some of the shots, before releasing them again. BM loved Lake Superior. His ashes are sprinkled in Old Woman's Bay. northwater» — northwater, 24 Aoû 2012

  • «A great 70's -80's film about a great part of our great country. Slow & prodding, by today's 'fast-food' style of video editing standards, the film slowly draws one in like the serene landscape that it pokes at... I believe this person wrote & directed 'RISE & FALL OF THE GREAT LAKES'; a 70's gem that I saw as a kid (hold onto yur hat when you watch!).» — DrKas, 27 Déc 2010

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