The Point

This documentary is a portrait of Point St. Charles, one of Montreal’s notoriously bleak neighbourhoods. Many of the residents are English-speaking and of Irish origin; many of them are also on welfare. Considered to be one of the toughest districts in all of Canada, Point St. Charles is poor in terms of community facilities, but still full of rich contrasts and high spirits – that is, most of the time.


Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan
William Weintraub
producteur exécutif
Roman Kroitor
Andreas Poulsson
David De Volpi
Savas Kalogeras
Douglas Kiefer
Claude Hazanavicius
Richard Nichol
Raymond Marcoux
Jean-Guy Normandin
Les Halman
montage sonore
Bernard Bordeleau
Michel Descombes
Budd Knapp
Donald Douglas


  • cityconvert

    «The Point is so interesting for me. My grandfather bought a house there and my dad grew up and went to school there. I so much enjoyed watching the films and only wish that I would have taken more of an interest and asked my dad many questions about the Point. It truly is a unique part of Montreal and I like very much to read about and see pics about the Point especially from the 1920's 30's and 40's which were the times of my dads family. » — cityconvert, 23 Déc 2014

  • MarleneFul

    «The Point is an amazing place it is sad to see the end of that era I hope with all the changes that have come to the area that some of the families that have had generation there stay.» — MarleneFul, 16 Nov 2014

  • PaulGoodwin

    «Incredible. This is a perfect requiem for a lost neighbourhood. These communities simply do not exist any more. So many parallels to South Boston.» — PaulGoodwin, 10 Sep 2013

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