Old Lady's Camping Trip

In a lively animated lesson about the do's and don'ts of fire and outdoor safety, the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe takes all her children and Cousin Jim off on a summer camping trip. And to make sure that needless accidents won't spoil their fun, she plays it smart by observing the rules. Cousin Jim, however, unaware of rules, has several close calls with disaster until the Old Lady steps in and teaches him the ABCs of safe, enjoyable outdoor living. When it comes to fire prevention, the Old Lady knows just what to do. Do you?

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Les Drew
Les Drew
Les Drew
David Verrall
producteur exécutif
Derek Lamb
Douglas MacDonald
Les Drew
Derek Lamb
caméra d'animation
Pierre Landry
Raymond Dumas
Jacques Avoine
montage sonore
Bill Graziadei
Hans Peter Strobl
Adrian Croll
Derek Lamb
Ben Low


  • razorbellu2b

    «I´m from México and I would love to see this again, sadly, I can´t afford to buy the dvd, and I can´t find it in my country... great memories » — razorbellu2b, 21 Jul 2013

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