Notes for a Film About Donna & Gail

Notes for a Film About Donna & Gail

| 48 min
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Don Owen’s groundbreaking short drama tells the story of two women who share a room to ease their expenses after moving to the city, and end up falling in love. The film shows the currents that bring them together and the personality traits that make them seem compatible—but that ultimately drive them apart. A story sure to resonate with anyone who has ever shared their life with a partner.

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  • interprète
    Michèle Chicoine
    Jackie Burroughs
    Ray Bellow
    Evelyn Gordon
    Gino Marrocco
    Derek May
    Aino Pirskanen
    John Sullivan
  • réalisateur
    Don Owen
  • producteur
    Julian Biggs
  • caméra
    Jean-Claude Labrecque
  • montage
    Barrie Howells
  • writer
    Gerald Taaffe
    Don Owen
  • enregistrement sonore
    André Hourlier
    Roger Hart
  • montage sonore
    John Knight
  • montage musique
    Malca Gillson
  • ré-enregistrement
    Ron Alexander
    Roger Lamoureux

  • arricammarques

    Cinema Verite at its finest. Classic mid 60's NFB .

    arricammarques, 7 Oct 2017