Mr. Mergler's Gift

In this short film from Oscar® winner Beverly Shaffer, 9-year-old prodigy Xin Ben takes lessons from Daniel Mergler, a piano teacher at the end of his career. In this remarkable story about a student and her mentor, Xin Ben and Mergler meet 26 times over the course of one year. During this time, Xin Ben illuminates Mergler's final months as an instructor with her youthful talent, and he, in return, lovingly guides her towards a life in music.

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  • howman

    «One's life is one's legacy. Mr.Mergler's had the great fortune that at the end of his life to received this gift and ensure it passage to all of us. I hope that Xin Ben continues her studies and understands that she also gave a gift to Mr. Mergler by just being her self. Was this fiat or was it coincident; it doesn't really matter as it's a beautiful story that we could only hope to enjoy in our life time . Excellent work Beverly, you have touch my heart and that doesn't happen very often. Xin Ben, you make Mr. Mergler proud and i am sure that you playing the piano puts a smile on Daniel and Beethoven faces where ever they may be. You are a gift. » — howman, 21 Jan 2010


    «Absolutely beautiful - I teared throughout - Stories like this are so lovely to hear and, I like to believe, are constantly being played out throughout the world. Not big news items but so important as we humans try to demonstrate that we are indeed special. » —, 18 Jan 2010

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Générique du film

Beverly Shaffer
Germaine Ying Gee Wong
Daniel Mergler
Xin Ben Yu
Yonghong Yu
Hongyu Lei
Alexandre Solopov
Harold Hoffman
Benjamin Duffield
Andrei Khabad
Thomas Vamos
enregistrement sonore
Richard Lavoie
Jean-Denis Daoust
Pierre Fleurant
Marcel Fraser
Craig Lapp
montage sonore
Don Ayer
Serge Boivin
Geoffrey Mitchell

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