Montreal by Night

This short film showcases the city of Montreal on a summer's night. What was once a small Indian village is presented as a pot-pourri of contrasting sights and sounds. It is North America's second largest port and, after Paris, the world's largest French-speaking city. With its warehouses, offices, homes, clubs and amusement parks, the city serves as a bright backdrop for a happy couple out on the town.

Générique du film

Jean Palardy
Arthur Burrows
Sydney Newman
Roger Racine
Lorne C. Batchelor
Nicholas Balla
Louis Applebaum
Gratien Gélinas
Juliette Béliveau
Jean Lajeunesse
Janette Bertrand

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  • ethan_hines

    «Hey NFB it's time to re-do this film in it's entirely based on the night life in Montreal now in 2012! I would love to see the difference.» — ethan_hines, 16 Sep 2012

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