Labrador North

This short documentary looks at the government relocation of the Labrador Inuit and the effects on their culture and social structures.

Générique du film

Roger Hart
Roger Hart
producteur exécutif
Len Chatwin
Andreas Poulsson

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  • ElizabethWintersRice

    «I was overwhelmed when I saw this video from 1973. The video presented many of the issues that were evident in that period of time for Labrador Inuit. It was just a few years before this video that my father moved his family to Happy Valley away from the north coast to pursue a wage paying job and to provide his family with a better education. It was challenging for all of us in the beginning. Well, all I can say is that it worked, he has three of his children with University degrees, one is a retired teacher; the second is me, I’m currently teaching(both in the mainstream educational system) and another with a psychology degree working in her field in Ottawa. It was moving to see many of our Inuit pioneers from that time period bringing forth issues. It was satisfying to see that they overcame the issues and many more after that. I am proud of how far our Inuit Government have come but realize that we still face issues and I feel confident that we will overcome and surpass these as well » — ElizabethWintersRice, 15 Fév 2011

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