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This documentary short presents the dilemma of a teenager caught in the crossfire of adult opinions and youthful enthusiasm. Howard, just out of high school, is slated for college and a career as a chemist. But he first wants to embark on a summer-long, foot-loose tour of Canada with a school pal. This plan, however, meets with strong resistance from his socially conformist parents. The film's depiction of Howard's resultant confusion illustrates the inner conflicts that can arise in teenagers when every carefree impulse is rationalized out of existence.

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Howard, Don Haldane, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Don Haldane
  • producteur
    Julian Biggs
  • scénario
    Gordon Burwash
  • photographie
    John Foster
  • son
    Frank Orban
  • montage
    Tony Lower
  • montage sonore
    Stuart Baker