High Risk Offender

High Risk Offender

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Director Barry Greenwald takes his camera into a place we never thought we'd see so intimately: a high-risk parole office and the people whose lives it touches--prisoners guilty of everything from murder to white-collar crime; officers desperate to keep their clients out of prison and their failures off the files. What you see on-screen is the real thing: raw, revealing and utterly fascinating. Over a 10-month period, we follow six high-risk offenders and the parole officers and therapists whose job is to make sure they stay clean, stay out of trouble and stay out of jail. The offenders put up with urine tests for drugs, random curfew checks and therapy sessions. Most work at it, some feel hopeless, others just go through the motions. Their stories are at turns bizarre, tragic, disturbing and endearing. Frightening and funny, sad and troubling, High Risk Offender is a stunning documentary. Greenwald's fascination with his subjects and the relationships they negotiate with their parole officers--the human face of the system that imprisoned them and is now letting them out--results in an unforgettable, empathetic film.

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  • réalisateur
    Barry Greenwald
  • producteur
    Barry Greenwald
    Gerry Flahive
  • caméra
    Peter Walker
    Scott Brown
    Ali Kazimi
    Barry Greenwald
  • son
    Barry Greenwald
  • montage
    David New