Flying Skis

Flying Skis

                                Flying Skis
| 9 min

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In this sports short, Bill Stern, an American sportscaster, describes Laurentian sporting events. First to perform is Pete Curran, a professional figure skater and one-time partner of Barbara Ann Scott. For those who can hang on to the traces, the Scandinavian sport of skijoring, in which a person on skis is pulled along by a horse or vehicle, provides fun and excitement. A slow-motion camera follows Alex Foster as he demonstrates his skill. The film ends with an exhibition of skiing.

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Flying Skis, Harry Foster, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Harry Foster
  • producteur
    Harry Foster
  • photographie
    Jack Etra
  • narrateur
    Bill Stern
  • musique
    Jack Shaindlin