First Stories - My Indian Name

My Indian Name documents filmmaker Darryl Nepinak's journey as he receives his Indian name. This short film takes a look at how traditional culture continues to shape and influence our modern sense of self. Why does this important personal ceremony take place? What does it mean to get one's name? How do others, who have already received their names, now see themselves? How do others see them? Through intimate interviews with family, friends, and elders, Darryl considers these important questions and finds some revealing answers along the way.


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Générique du film

Darryl Nepinak
Darryl Nepinak
prise de vues
Claude Savard
Sean Parenteau
George Addis
Marlin Greyeyes
Blair Scott
montage son
Anita Lubosch
musique originale
Jesse Green
mixeur du repiquage
Howard Rissin
Joe MacDonald

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