Fires of Envy

This short film is a dramatization of Canadian author W.O. Mitchell's penetrating story about the racial prejudice encountered by a Polish immigrant farmer in a rural Saskatchewan community. Presented with the incisiveness characteristic of Mitchell's Jake and the Kid radio series, this film story employs homespun events of a farming community to lay bare some universal truths about the unthinking discrimination practiced against a man who is different from his English-speaking fellow farmers.

Générique du film

Don Haldane
Julian Biggs
W.O. Mitchell
John Foster
Erik Nielsen
Tony Lower
montage sonore
Kathleen Shannon
John Vernon

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  • moitoo

    «the three that I recognized have all passed away - JohnVernon, Jack Creley & Mavor Moore» — moitoo, 11 Aoû 2014

  • cmevans

    «Fire of Envy...I am trying to locate the actors who participated in this film. Does anyone know? » — cmevans, 22 Jul 2014

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