David and Bert

David and Bert

| 27 min

This short documentary is a portrait of two remarkable old-timers of Vancouver Island's west coast. Both are in their 80s; both have an enviable zest for life. Chief David Frank teaches the ancient Indigenous songs and dances of his people to some 60 grandchildren. Bert Clayton still backpacks his prospector's gear through high mountain bush. From different cultures, these two men share a mutual life philosophy and over 40 years of friendship.

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David and Bert, Daryl Duke, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Daryl Duke
  • producteur
    Peter Jones
  • producteur exécutif
    Ian McLaren
  • photographie
    Jack Long
  • son
    Hans Oomes
  • montage
    Sally Paterson
  • musique
    Paul Horn

  • farmer77

    Interesting profile of two unique characters and their thoughts on the world.

    farmer77, 30 Jul 2020
  • Alinfarhadipour

    ADDITIONAL KEYWORDS: Selflessness; dedication; friendship; documentary; mountaineering; Canada in the nineteenth century; philosophy of life; indigenous music; INTERSECTING AREAS/DISCIPLINES: Documentary films; mining; philosophy of life. RELEVANT FILM THEORIES/SCHOLARSHIPS: Documentary films; psychoanalysis; semiotics; cinema varite; Andre Bazin; Dziga Vertov. COMMENTATOR: Alin Farhadipour (Carleton University’s Film Studies M.A. student&Carleton’s AVRC’s Research Assistant)

    Alinfarhadipour, 14 Oct 2016