Dancing Around the Table, Part One

A documentary about the Conferences on the Constitutional Rights of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada (1983-85), focusing on the concept of self-government.


  • DanWallace

    «This film needs to be used as a free public educational video to wake up the consciencness of the average Canadian. Considering the social action that is going on today called "Idle no more" from aboriginal people from across the country.. This is not a request this is in fact a serious time to share this information.» — DanWallace, 23 Déc 2012

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Générique du film

Maurice Bulbulian
Maurice Bulbulian
Serge Giguère
Roger Rochat
Jean-Pierre Lachapelle
Charles Lavack
Yvon Benoît
Jean-Guy Normandin
Yves Gendron
Esther Auger
Andrew Koster
montage sonore
Marc Hébert
Michelle Guérin
Roger Lamoureux

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