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Kaj Pindal's animated short from the late 1970s features a canine narcotics officer who burns out after sampling a little too much product. Driven by his love of cannabis, a street dog displays incredible promise for the drug squad when he chases down a local dealer. He makes headlines worldwide as he takes on smugglers and crime lords. But when his drug habit and his work inevitably collide, a clear message emerges: dogs and cannabis don't mix.

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  • réalisateur
    Kaj Pindal
  • animation
    Kaj Pindal
  • producteur
    Gaston Sarault
  • scénario
    Kaj Pindal
    Yvon Mallette
  • caméra
    Pierre Provost
    Michel Langlois
  • son
    Roger Lamoureux
    Bernard Carez
  • montage
    Lucien Marleau
  • voix
    Les Mimes électriques
    Patrice Arbour
    Bernard Carez
  • musique
    Denis Larochelle