The Boat that Ian Built

The Boat that Ian Built

| 28 min

The amazing success story of the Laser, a thirteen-foot sailboat built by Ian Bruce of Pointe Claire, Québec, and of Performance Sailcraft, the company he formed to produce and market it. Simply designed, durably built of fiberglass, it is a pleasure craft that has brought summer sailing within everyone's reach on coastal and inland waters around the world.

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The Boat that Ian Built, Andy Thomson, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • réalisateur
    Andy Thomson
  • producteur
    Colin Low
    Stanley Jackson
  • photographie
    Andreas Poulsson
    Ernest McNabb
    Jacques Fogel
    Evert Bastet
  • son
    Jean-Guy Normandin
  • montage
    Ian Rankin
  • montage sonore
    Ken Page
  • commentaire
    John Ralph
  • musique
    Ben Low