Between: Living in the Hyphen

Between: Living in the Hyphen

                                    Between: Living in the Hyphen
| 43 min
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Anne Marie Nakagawa's documentary examines what it means to have a background of mixed ancestries that cannot be easily categorized. By focusing on 7 Canadians who have one parent from a European background and one of a visible minority, she attempts to get at the root of what it means to be multi-ethnic in a world that wants each person to fit into a single category.

Finding a satisfactory frame of reference in our 'multicultural utopia' turns out to be more complex than one might think. Between: Living in the Hyphen offers a provocative glimpse of what the future holds: a departure from hyphenated names towards a celebration of fluidity and being mixed.

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  • participant
    Fred Wah
    Shannon Waters
    Suzette Mayr
    Tinu Sinha
    Tina Thomison
    Charlene Hellson
    Karina Vernon
  • *
    Anne Marie Nakagawa
  • réalisateur
    Anne Marie Nakagawa
  • producteur
    Bonnie Thompson
  • directeur de la photographie
    Craig Wrobleski
  • monteur
    Jamie Francey
  • musique originale
    Emre Unal
  • conception sonore
    Emre Unal
  • prise de son
    Gary Bruckner
    Frank Russo
  • recherche
    Elizabeth Klinck
  • producteur exécutif
    Graydon McCrea

  • baybars

    I wish the hurt feelings of half-breeds (which includes me) would be the only problem of humanity in the next century. You Canadians really don't have many problems do you?

    baybars, 30 Jui 2012
  • chocostar

    we are more or less a cultural hybird indeed

    chocostar, 19 Jui 2010
  • Dyternal

    This documentary should be shown through-out our world. We are all mixed... think being one mixed civilization living together as humans.

    Dyternal, 10 Avr 2010