Between: Living in the Hyphen

Anne Marie Nakagawa's documentary examines what it means to have a background of mixed ancestries that cannot be easily categorized. By focusing on 7 Canadians who have one parent from a European background and one of a visible minority, she attempts to get at the root of what it means to be multi-ethnic in a world that wants each person to fit into a single category.

Finding a satisfactory frame of reference in our 'multicultural utopia' turns out to be more complex than one might think. Between: Living in the Hyphen offers a provocative glimpse of what the future holds: a departure from hyphenated names towards a celebration of fluidity and being mixed.

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Fred Wah
Shannon Waters
Suzette Mayr
Tinu Sinha
Tina Thomison
Charlene Hellson
Karina Vernon
Anne Marie Nakagawa
Anne Marie Nakagawa
Bonnie Thompson
directeur de la photographie
Craig Wrobleski
Jamie Francey
musique originale
Emre Unal
conception sonore
Emre Unal
prise de son
Gary Bruckner
Frank Russo
Elizabeth Klinck
producteur exécutif
Graydon McCrea


  • baybars

    «I wish the hurt feelings of half-breeds (which includes me) would be the only problem of humanity in the next century. You Canadians really don't have many problems do you? » — baybars, 30 Jui 2012

  • chocostar

    «we are more or less a cultural hybird indeed» — chocostar, 19 Jui 2010

  • Dyternal

    «This documentary should be shown through-out our world. We are all mixed... think being one mixed civilization living together as humans.» — Dyternal, 10 Avr 2010

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