Animation from Cape Dorset

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  • 18 min 52 s

This film is a collection of short animated sequences produced by Inuit of the Cape Dorset (Baffin Island) Film Animation Workshop, which was established to teach northern people a new and novel form of creative expression. The results, as shown here, reveal an easy adaptation to the medium, a keen sense of observation and an underlying humour. There is some explanation in English and some in Inuktitut.


Joanasie Salamonie
John Taylor
Solomonie Pootoogook
Timmun Alariaq
Mathew Joanasie
Itee Pootoogook Pilaloosie
Peter Pitseolak


  • Silaqqi11

    «I have been searching for this film that my father helped create, and it has been a wonder to find. Considering technology in the 70's I figure this is a piece of work and am proud to watch every second. Wish I could get DVD for personal collection.» — Silaqqi11, 11 Jan 2012

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