Animate Everything!

Animate Everything!

| 15 min

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Spaceships soar into space. Dots dance on a page. Rocks and twigs transform into expressive faces. Kids can easily create this kind of magic themselves, and all they require are a few simple tools. Divided into four short, easy-to-understand chapters, Animate Everything introduces basic concepts of animation to a young audience. Explaining visually with colourful images, siblings Lindsay and Will demonstrate how to bring everyday objects to life — and even how to animate people! Animate Everything encourages you to “make your own magic in whatever style you want.”

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Animate Everything!, Scott Kiborn, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

Largeur de la vidéo :

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  • écriture
    Scott Kiborn
  • concepteur
    Scott Kiborn
  • None
    Scott Kiborn
    Barbara Kiborn
    Elisa Chee
    Michael Mann
    Andrea Shimizu
    Sherann E. Johnson
    Tai Keattivanichvily
    Steve Chow
    Ryan Schweitzer
    Mark Curry
    Mark Curry
    Deanne Esdale
    Venay Felton
    Don White
  • réalisateur
    Scott Kiborn
  • producteur
    Svend-Erik Eriksen
    Martin Rose
  • voix
    Lindsay Kiborn
    Will Kiborn
  • composition
    Robyn Traill
  • supervision sonore
    Brad Hillman
  • monteur
    Eliot Piltz
  • conception sonore additionnelle
    Patrick Haskill
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Brad Hillman
  • postproduction son
    Western Post Productions
  • studio de post-production image
    Finale Editworks
  • direction du casting
    Sylvie Fefer
  • traducteur
    Maryvon Delanoe
  • coordonnateur de production
    Jennifer Roworth
  • coordonnateur technique
    Wes Machnikowski
  • superviseur de production
    Kathryn Lynch
  • administrateur de programme
    Bruce Hagerman
  • agent, marketing
    Mia Desroches
    Julie Armstrong-Boileau
  • producteur exécutif
    Rina Fraticelli
    Tracey Friesen