Alexis Tremblay: Habitant

Alexis Tremblay: Habitant

| 37 min

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This short documentary illustrates rural French Canadian life in the early 1940s. The film follows Alexis Tremblay and his family through the busy autumn days as they bring in the harvest and help with bread baking and soap making. Winter sees the children revelling in outdoor sports while the women are busy with their weaving, and, with the coming of spring young and old alike repair to the fields once more to plough the earth in preparation for another season of varied crops. One of the first NFB films to be produced, directed, written and shot by women.

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  • réalisateur
    Jane Marsh
  • scénario
    Jane Marsh
  • montage
    Jane Marsh
  • caméra
    Judith Crawley
  • musique
    Louis Applebaum
    Maurice Blackburn

  • Jessica

    Thank you for making 'Alexis Tremblay: Habitant' available for public viewing. I am so proud of my grandmother's work. She would be very pleased to know her work lives on at the NFB web site. ~ Jessica Marsh

    Jessica, 10 Mai 2021