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                                    Return to Vimy
| 9 min
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A young Canadian woman visits the Vimy Memorial to make a charcoal imprint of the engraved name of her great-grandfather who was lost in battle, bringing with her a notebook of sketches and diary entries that he made during months of preparation for the battle to take back Vimy Ridge. The sketches transform into colourized archive footage and take us back in time to revisit the daily lives of the soldiers of the Canadian Corps, witnessing the long and detailed preparation that lead to this legendary battle. This is the first time the NFB has colourized its own archives for a film project, shedding unprecedented light on the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) film collection.

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    Denis McCready
  • réalisateur
    Denis McCready
  • producteur
    Denis McCready
  • interprète
    Chala Hunter
    Raphael Cohen-Demers
    Marianne Goyette
  • conseiller à la réalisation
    Pierre Marier
  • animation
    Claude Cloutier
  • sketches
    Claude Cloutier
  • montage
    Etienne Gagnon
  • conception sonore
    Sylvain Bellemare
  • musique
    Mathieu G. Dandurand
  • animation
    Keyu Chen
  • *
    Simon Meilleur
  • mix
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • producteur exécutif
    Julie Huguet