Freedom Road: Youth / Oshkaadiziig

Freedom Road: Youth / Oshkaadiziig

                                Freedom Road: Youth / Oshkaadiziig
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Shoal Lake 40 youth share what it’s like to be forced to live away from their close-knit families and community to attend high school in Kenora, Ontario. The community’s school provides courses up to the Grade 8 level only, so there are no other options for young people who want to continue their education. Some of the young men are able to work on the construction of the road, a rare opportunity to have a good job in the community. The pride of the youth in doing this work is palpable, and they express the gratification that comes with providing safety for their Elders and opportunities for future generations. Despite the systemic and personal racism they’ve already experienced, Freedom Road gives the youth a sense of optimism and instills hope in them for the future of their community and their own ability to contribute.

Freedom Road Series is a five-part documentary series that tells the inspiring story of one First Nation’s battle to resolve a brutal colonial legacy that uprooted and transformed a self-sustaining community into an isolated island, only a short distance from the Trans-Canada highway.

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Freedom Road: Youth / Oshkaadiziig, Angelina McLeod, offert par l'Office national du film du Canada

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  • écriture
    Angelina McLeod
  • réalisateur
    Angelina McLeod
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    Harley Gutknecht
    JT Bruyere
    Jonelle Bruyere
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    Alicia Smith
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    David Christensen
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    Erika MacPherson
    Charlene Moore
    Katy Slimmon
    Patricia Garry
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    Tyler Funk
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    Katy Slimmon
  • conception sonore
    Anita Lubosch
  • réalisation des séquences par VAT
    Erika MacPherson
  • opérateur du drone
    Jason Funk
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    Katy Slimmon
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    Bruce Little
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    Bree Beach
    Devon Supeene
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    Faye Yoneda
    April Dunsmore
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    Esther Viragh
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    Leslie Stafford
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    Peter Kallianiotis
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    Michelle van Beusekom
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    Roxanne Greene
    Lorne Redsky
    Daryl Redsky
  • conducteur de bateau
    Wayne Redsky
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    Alfred Dale McLeod