At 26, Noel Starblanket is one of the youngest Indian chiefs in North America. Twice he was elected chief of the Starblanket Reserve, a band of 120 Cree, and was also elected vice-president of all Saskatchewan Indians. His great-grandfather's advice was to "learn the wit and cunning of the White man." So he did. Here, Starblanket is a Native leader with a briefcase, working with government officials for grants, running for public office, talking down his opposition and solving domestic problems on his reserve.

Générique du film

Donald Brittain
Donald Brittain
Donald Brittain
producteur exécutif
John N. Smith
Douglas Kiefer
Hans Oomes
John Kramer
montage sonore
Bernard Bordeleau
Michel Descombes

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  • StrawWalker

    «I love the fact that this guy is passionate about helping the people on his reserve but quite frankly, his negative and non-loving attitude about white people will cause his ultimate downfall. A person goes much farther ahead when they are moved by love not hatred.» — StrawWalker, 1 Jui 2012

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