Rose & Violet

Claude Grosch et Luc Otter
2011 | 26 min
The animated short film Rose & Violet tells the story of two Conjoined twin sisters who are recruited as star acrobats in the world’s biggest circus. They seem bound for glory, but when a new strongman joins the troupe, a conflict turns tragic… Filmmakers Luc Otter and Claude Grosch employ a clever combination of 2D and digital cut-outs and clay animation in their exploration of the circus realm.

Prix et distinctions

  • Jury Award- Best Animation
    Dam Short Film Festival, Boulder
  • Meilleur moyen métrage d'animation
    Festival internacional de Cine para Ninos / DIVERCINE, Montevideo
  • Prix de la meilleure animation
    Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis, Mondorf-les-Baies
  • Meilleur film d'animation
    VIEWFINDERS International Film Festival forYouth, Halifax