Bombay Calling

Ben Addelman et Samir Mallal
2006 | 1 h 10 min
This feature documentary chronicles the lives of young call-centre workers in Bombay (Mumbai), India. The film profiles several characters who attempt to sell phone services to clients in the UK, showing both sides of globalization’s impact on India – the economic benefits as well as the break with tradition and loss of innocence. A compelling insider’s look at youth culture in India and the growing number of young people who choose to follow the American dream, Indian-style.

Prix et distinctions

  • Grand prix de Genève
    Festival Médias Nord-Sud, Genève
  • Plaque de bronze - catégorie: Humanitaire
    Festival international du film et de la vidéo, Columbus
  • Prix ONF Colin Low pour le documentaire canadien le plus innovatif
    Doxa - Documentary Film and Video Festival, Vancouver
  • Grand Prix du Jury - meilleur documentaire
    Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills