Blood Manifesto

Theodore Ushev
2015 | 2 min
In this short animation, Theodore Ushev signs a violent, brutal and troubling political statement in his own blood and narrates it in his own gravelly voice. All over the world, idealist revolutionaries shed their blood to denounce injustices. Yet blood is also the very symbol of life. Sketches drawn using the filmmaker’s own blood explore this paradox. Why fight for ideals, noble though they may be, if you must die for them in the end? Are rebellion and insurrection egotistical deeds, or are they lessons in pure altruism? Poetic and philosophical, the film explores these complex and important questions.

Prix et distinctions

  • Prix créativité présenté par MAtv assorti d'une bourse de $1000
    Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montréal