YUL 871

In this feature film, an engineer from Paris flies to Montreal (on Air Canada Flight YUL 871), partly on business, partly in search of parents displaced by World War II, and partly because of the prevailing restlessness of the age. He achieves little that is conclusive, but in the short time between his arrival and departure he has a love affair, enjoys a flight over Montreal and the Expo pavillions, and is adopted by a little girl.

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Jacques Godbout
Jacques Godbout
André Belleau
Georges Dufaux
Claude Pelletier
Victor Jobin
montage sonore
Bernard Bordeleau
Ron Alexander
Roger Lamoureux
François Dompierre
Stéphane Venne
Paul Buissonneau
Charles Denner
Jacques Desrosiers
Jean Duceppe
Victor Désy
Andrée Lachapelle
Francine Landry
Jean Lapointe
Jérôme Lemay
Louise Marleau
Jacques Normand
Claude Préfontaine


  • sjbosch56

    «This is a good if challenging film. We are supposed to feel the dislocation and restlessness of the main character. The problem is that there are at least three strong subplots that leave us hanging. The little girl being the strongest. We see him at the hospital but we don't see the mother and then the child disappears from the story. What happened to her? The main story, the son's search for his parents is definitely interesting but again, it's so strong we, or I, resent it being left up in the air. Were his parents just exhausted and never sent for their son after the war ended. Did the brother who looked after him and assured him nearly daily that his parents loved him decided to keep the boy for himself? What happened? What happened?» — sjbosch56, 14 Mai 2011

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