Waiting for Caroline

Waiting for Caroline

| 1 h 24 min

A feature drama about a girl torn between two cultures, the English-speaking community of Vancouver where she grew up and the French-speaking Québec where the film opens. Her uncertainty extends to her lovers, one from Vancouver who wants to take her home and the other from Québec who would like to continue their pleasant, if inconclusive affair. The settings show a Québec winter and British Columbia spring.

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  • réalisateur
    Ron Kelly
  • producteur
    Walford Hewitson
  • producteur exécutif
    Robert Allen
  • None
    George C. Robertson
    Ron Kelly
  • photographie
    Denis Gillson
  • son
    Joseph Champagne
  • montage
    Barrie Howells
  • montage sonore
    John Knight
  • ré-enregistrement
    Ron Alexander
    Roger Lamoureux
  • musique
    Eldon Rathburn
    The Jaybees
  • interprète
    Sharon Acker
    Daniel Gadouas
    Paul Guèvremont
    Robert Howay
    Monique Mercure
    William Needles
    Lucie Poitras
    Aileen Seaton
    Alexandra Stewart
    François Tassé

  • McLaren’s Muse

    Bach, gorgeous Canadian scenery and intrigue, what else can you expect from a late 60’s film!

    McLaren’s Muse, 31 Aoû 2019