Such a Simple Game

This short 1964 documentary depicts the national sport of French Canadians: hockey. Seen "from the inside" this seemingly simple game turns out to be not so simple. Hockey is dream of mythic proportions that mirrors the aspirations of an entire people. Its heroes are national figures. At the Montreal Forum, there is total symbiosis between the crowd and the Habs. In 1955, idol Maurice Richard is suspended for striking a referee. The people take to the streets in unison and the riots begin...

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Henri Richard
Jean-Guy Talbot
Gilles Tremblay
Bernard Geoffrion
Marcel Dubé
Marcel Dubé
Jean-Claude Labrecque
Guy Borremans
prise de son
Marcel Carrière
montage sonore
Sidney Pearson
Joseph Champagne
Gilles Groulx
Gilles Groulx
Jacques Bobet


  • NFB_Moderator

    «@sixam --> The Chicago Blackhawks goaltender is Denis DeJordy who only played 5 games for them in 1962-63 (the year the film was shot). He was called up from the Buffalo Bisons of the American Hockey League to replace the injured Glenn Hall. I suspect he kept the Buffalo Bisons’ red trunks for the 5 games. This happened often when goaltenders were called up or traded to another team mid-season.» — NFB_Moderator, 31 Mar 2015

  • sixam

    «Why was the Chicago goaltender wearing red trunks instead of black?» — sixam, 29 Mar 2015

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