The India Trip

The India Trip

                                    The India Trip
| 49 min

This documentary is a portrait of modern-day Pondicherry, an ancient city near the southern tip of India. For several centuries an outpost of France, the city is now home to Auroville, a spiritual community growing on its periphery. There, European and North American devotees of Sri Aurobindo, a Bengali poet and mystic, come to live the contemplative life. Their guru is a 94-year-old woman from France. This mecca of sorts is seen through the eyes of Albert Jordan, a professor from Concordia University, in Montreal, who spent a year there with his family in 1971.

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  • réalisateur
    Bill Davies
  • scénario
    Bill Davies
  • producteur
    George Pearson
  • photographie
    Eugene Boyko
  • son
    Hans Oomes
  • montage
    Torben Schioler
  • montage sonore
    Ken Page
  • ré-enregistrement
    George Croll
  • narrateur
    Al Jordan