Going the Distance

  • Paul Cowan,
  • ,
  • 89 min 13 s

This is the official film of the XI Commonwealth Games held in Edmonton, Canada, in August, 1978. An international sports event occurring every four years, the Games draw hundreds of athletes from the many nations of the Commonwealth. Eight athletes from four continents were selected to illustrate the nature of individual effort. They were filmed in their home countries before the Games and in competition in Edmonton.


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Générique du film

Paul Cowan
Paul Cowan
Georges Dufaux
Pierre Letarte
Tony Westman
Paul Cowan
Richard Besse
Alain Corneau
Garrell Clark
Ralph Parker
Richard Nichol
Paul Cowan
Steven Kellar
Jeepy Macadam
Rosemarie Shapley
montage sonore
Bernard Bordeleau
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Michael Kane

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