Drawing from Life

Drawing from Life

| 30 min

This short documentary follows a group therapy workshop for people who have attempted to end their lives more than once. A hybrid of vérité and animation, the film is a candid portrayal of 12 people who together, for 20 weeks, take on their fears, their behaviours and their ghosts to move towards life and away from suicide.

Drawing from Life is a production of the National Film Board of Canada's Filmmaker-in-Residence project, produced with the creative participation of Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, Animation Arts Centre.

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  • écriture
    Katerina Cizek
  • réalisateur
    Katerina Cizek
  • producteur
    Gerry Flahive
  • prise de vues
    Katerina Cizek
  • monteur
    Katerina Cizek
  • preneur de son
    Jeff Reyes
    Chris Miller
  • animator
    Dianna Basso
    Ken Collins
    Andrew Gregoire
    Rie Shibazaki
    Daks Tomas
    Junyu Zhao
  • supervision de l'animation
    Ben McEvoy
  • producteur
    Jed DeCory
    Mark Jones
  • conception sonore
    Chris Miller
  • *
    Bob Wiseman
  • producteur exécutif
    Silva Basmajian

  • pifmom

    thank-you for sharing this. It has been very informative and yes, we all need this info and these skills in this world. My heartfelt best wishes to all participants...you are a loved child of this universe.every one of us is a gift to be opened and shared. let the light shine on you and from you and make a difference to somebody else. Love to you.

    pifmom, 18 Sep 2010