This short documentary is the portrait of an 88-year-old woman who lives alone in a log cabin without running water or electricity. Augusta is a non-status Shuswap Indian living in the Williams Lake area of British Columbia. She recalls past times, but lives very much in the present. Self-sufficient, dedicated to her people, she spreads warmth wherever she moves, with her songs and her harmonica.

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Anne Wheeler
Anne Wheeler
John Taylor
producteur exécutif
Peter Jones
John Taylor
Ron Orieux
Ralph Parker


  • sixam

    «What a tough life she had. Choked me up a bit.» — sixam, 13 Jan 2014

  • CSMesher

    «great» — CSMesher, 15 Oct 2013

  • dmgnfb

    «:0) Warms the heart! Thank You! » — dmgnfb, 13 Mar 2012

  • madpratter

    «I love Augusta! What a beautiful soul.» — madpratter, 27 Jan 2012

  • anneonbowen

    «A wonderful portrait of an independent woman in the Cariboo.» — anneonbowen, 19 Jan 2012

  • accaberj

    «What a beautiful film, of a remarkable woman-fiercely independent, funny, strong... she is such an inspiration. Thank you Anne!» — accaberj, 18 Jan 2012

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