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Une sélection de

Pas de deux

This Oscar®-nominated short film by Norman McLaren is a cinematic study of the choreography of ballet. A bare, black set with the back-lit figures of dancers Margaret Mercier and Vincent Warren create a dream-like, hypnotic effect. This award-winning film comes complete with the visual effects one expects from this master filmmaker.

Extrait de la sélection : Tré Armstrong on dance, music and passion

This was done before I was even born, and yet I still find the visual effects captivating. Definitely before its time when it was produced and directed. I love the part near the end where the male dancer is spinning the ballerina by one leg and it looks like she is an open umbrella twirling round and round. How clever! Some great moments in movement, imagery and visual effects. I find the marriage between the dancer, movement and the camera hypnotizing… To make this type of film requires patient passion because this is dance made for the camera lens, not for stage, and that is choreography on another level!

— Tré Armstrong